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National Standard Co. Products manufactured:Welding wires: mild steel, low-alloy steel, stainless steel, nickel-alloy,and silicon bronze. Email

Nelson Stud Welding Inc. Products manufactured:Stud welding & controls. Email

The Nippert Co. Products manufactured:Resistance welding electrodes: Nitrode (GlidCop AL-60), Cupal (GlidCopAL-25), Z-trode (Zirconium), Composite (Zirconium w/ Al-60 insert), Alldesigns and styles and other cold formed products. Copper rod & wire,copper and copper alloy rectangles, strip and special shapes. Email

Panasonic Factory Automation Products manufactured: Robots for MIG, TIG, plasma, material handling, pre-engineered arc weldingsystems, GMAW manual, inverter, GMAW and GTAW power supplies, plasma arccutting power sources. Email

Pandjiris, Inc. Products manufactured:Pandjiris designs, manufactures, installs and services automated weldingsystems and weld positioning equipment, including positioners, grippers,turning rolls, manipulaters, seamers, weld lathes, robotic loading andunloading devices, and welding/motion controllers. Email

Penton Media Email

Perkins Engines Products manufactured: Manufacturer of diesel and gas engines designed to meet the needs of thewelding industry. Email

Pferd, Inc. Products manufactured:Abrasive products, wire brushes. Email

Phoenix International, Inc. Products manufactured:Electrode, flux holding, rebaking, reconditioning ovens plussafetube industrial storage container. Email

Postle Industries, Inc. Products manufactured:Hardfacing wires, electrodes and powders, special repair and fabricatingwelding alloys. Email

Preston-Eastin, Inc. Products manufactured: Standard electric and robotic positioning equipment, including manipulators, turning rolls, positioners, headstocks and tailstocks, turntables, transporters, gantries, side beam carriages and tracks, and cross slides. Design and manufacture specialty machines used in welding and motion applications. Email

Prodomax Automation Inc. Products manufactured: robotics, welding equipment. Email

Profax Products manufactured: Welding supplies. Email

Rankin Industries, Inc. Products manufactured: Rankin Industries, Inc., San Diego, California, has been a leading formulator and producer of maintenance and repair and hardfacing electrodes, wires and powders since 1938. The Company specializes in high alloy, fabricated .035 diameter hardfacing wires, as well as systems and equipment for automating hardfacing applications. Rankin merchandises its products through welding supply distributors on an international basis. President is Lynn C. Bailey. Email

Ransome Company Products manufactured: The industry benchmark for standard and customized machines for specialtyapplications and capacities. Positioners to 250 tons, Turning Rolls to1500 tons, Headstocks and Tailstocks to 120 tons, Turntables to 150 tonsand Manipulators. Field Storage Tank Welding Systems for horizontal (AGWfor single and double-side) and vertical (VUP) applications. Email

Revco Industries, Inc. Products manufactured: Manufacturer of Welding Gloves and Protective Clothing. Email

Rod Ovens.Com RodOvens.Com is the first website devoted exclusively to the sale of welding electrode ovens, welding flux ovens and other welding consumable storage products. We have the lowest pricing available and offer an industry-exclusive 105% price guarantee to back up our prices. Free shipping and no tax for out of state customers can save hundreds of dollars. Email

Roman Manufacturing, Inc. Products manufactured: Resistance welding transformers; special watercooled transformers; frequency converter transformers; ground reactors; single phase, three phase, and high-frequency DC power supplies for resistance welding; tap switches; impedance meter for weld circuit analysis and transformer sizing; weld current equalizers to improve quality by balancing weld currents in multi-spot applications. Email

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